Why did the bar only have 20 rounds?

Why did the bar only have 20 rounds? Also used during the Korean War, the BAR allowed the American forces’ platoons to have a large firepower. But its main fault lies in the fact that its magazine contains only 20 cartridges. The BAR has been so equipped to avoid overheating.

How effective was the BAR in ww2? The BAR was much more than just a psychological weapon for American GIs during World War II. It was not a bad weapon for the time, especially considering it could fire about 600 rounds per minute. But smokeless powder, with its slower, even burn rate, spelled the end for hand-cranked weapons.

How many rounds did a ww2 BAR hold? About 47 inches (120 cm) long, it has a 20-round magazine and weighs 19.4 pounds (8.8 kg). It can fire up to 650 rounds per minute but can also fire single shots or bursts of two or three to increase accuracy. It can be fired from the shoulder or mounted on a bipod.

How reliable was the BAR? True, the rifle has its weaknesses, including a tendency to overheat if shot too rapidly (the BAR has a fixed rather than a removable barrel) and difficulty to fire from the shoulder. But it became a de facto squad automatic weapon because there was really nothing better and its reliability was legendary.

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What is bar short for?

The word bar is not an abbreviation, rather, as we have seen, it describes an establishment that sells and serves alcoholic drinks and often offers other forms of entertainment such as music and shows. The idea that bar stands for beer and alcohol room is what is referred to as false etymology.

How heavy is an M1 Garand?

Weighing only 9.5 pounds, it had a rigidly-supported barrel and fired semi-automatically from an eight-shot clip. The Army officially adopted the M1 in 1936, with the Marine Corp and Navy following by 1940. A true patriot, Garand offered this amazing gun to the government royalty free.

What was the first assault rifle ever made?

During World War II, the beleaguered German Army fielded a revolutionary new infantry weapon designed to make the German soldier the most powerful on the battlefield. The Sturmgewehr-44, or StG-44 was the first mass produced assault rifle.

What does a M1 Garand shoot?

The M1 Garand shoots . 30-06 Springfield ammunition. The rifle was named for its designer, John Garand, who worked at the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts, while developing his famous gun.

How many rounds do Marines carry?

The restriction with an assault rifle is not how fast you can fire—it is how many rounds/magazines you can carry. The standard load out for a Marine would be six magazines, normally only loaded with 25 or 28 rounds, to protect the spring, for a total of 150-168 rounds.

How many rounds of ammo did a ww2 soldier carry?

1,150 rounds of machine gun ammunition (250 rounds carried in 5 belt drums of 50 rounds; 900 rounds carried in 3 ammo boxes of 300 rounds) 360 rounds of rifle ammunition (each rifleman carried 45 rounds on the march; 60 rounds in combat) 16 rounds of pistol ammunition.

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What did marines carry in ww2?

03 rifle, M1 rifle, BAR, carbine, . 45-caliber pistol, Thompson submachine gun, and the flamethrower. All officers and men dressed in similar fashion, but the web belt style distinguished rank. Marines had to carry up to 70 pounds of gear.

What kind of guns did Bonnie and Clyde use?

The Guns that Killed Bonnie and Clyde

Hamer was carrying a semi-auto Remington Model 8 rifle. He fired the first shot, which went through the windshield of the couple’s car and hit Clyde in the head. The posse opened up with various rifles, including Hinton’s Colt Monitor.

What caliber is an M1 Garand?

Garand rifle, also called M1 rifle, semiautomatic, gas-operated . 30-calibre rifle adopted by the U.S. Army in 1936.

Why do they call a bar a bar?

The term “bar” also refers to the countertop and area where drinks are served. The term derives from the metal or wooden bar (barrier) that is often located along the length of the “bar”. Over many years, heights of bars were lowered, and high stools added, and the brass bar remains today.

What does bar stand for legal?

Today, the word bar has become the term used to describe an association of licensed attorneys. It is similar to how the word “bench” has become associated with the judiciary because the term was used to describe where the judge sat in a courtroom.

Is it legal to own a M1 Garand?

And now, although the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine are very legal to own in the United States, President Obama is exerting his power through executive action, but not after flip-flopping over the deal.

Is M1 Garand a sniper?

The semi-automatic M1 Rifle, adopted in 1936, was still being developed as a sniper rifle. In the meantime, U.S. Ordnance turned to the simplified M1903A3 rifle, adopted in 1943, to create the straightforward sniper rifle designated the M1903A4.

What kind of rifle did Brad Pitt use in fury?

Fury – The Assault Rifle carried by Brad Pitt is a German made Sturmgewehr 44 also known as a StG 44.

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Why is an AR 15 not an assault rifle?

Semi-automatic-only rifles like the Colt AR-15 are not assault rifles; they do not have select-fire capabilities. Semi-automatic-only rifles with fixed magazines like the SKS are not assault rifles; they do not have detachable box magazines and are not capable of automatic fire.

Is the AK-47 an assault rifle?

The designation AK-47 is often used, generically, to refer to all Kalashnikov-pattern assault rifles. However, the AK-47 is a specific model of Kalashnikov. Later Kalashnikov-pattern weapons retain many design features of the AK-47.

What is the heaviest gun in the world?

1. Schwerer Gustav and Dora. The Schwerer Gustav and its sister gun Dora were the two largest artillery pieces every constructed in terms of overall weight (1350 tonnes) and weight of projectiles (15,700 pounds), while it’s 800mm rounds are the largest ever fired in combat. The guns also had a range of over 24 miles.

What is the heaviest machine gun?

The Nkm acronym stands for Polish: najcięższy karabin maszynowy, literally the heaviest machine gun (i.e. heavier than standard contemporary heavy machine guns using standard rifle cartridges such as the 7.92 Mauser, . 303 British or 7.62×54mmR).

Whats better 308 or 30-06?

30-06 is generally going to be better suited for long range shooting, and a . 308 is going to be better for faster shooting.

Is a 30 caliber the same as a 308?

So, even though the bore of the rifle (measured across the lands) is . 30″, the actual bullet diameter is . 308″ because the bullet must closely match the groove diameter (. However, the 7.62×39 mm cartridge (designed in the Soviet Union), measures bullet diameter using land measurements instead of groove measurements.

How much ammo do Navy SEALs carry?

The 45 caliber handgun has a ton of stopping power

The 45 Caliber Compact (M45C) weighs less than 2 lbs. with the magazine, which carries 10 rounds of 45 ACP ammunition. Small, light, and reliable.

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