What is synergy fuel?

What is synergy fuel? Synergy Extra (RON 95) is a premium grade petrol that helps improve engine responsiveness. Protects and cleans your engine from the first fill. Removes harmful engine deposits. Peak engine performance. Improves fuel economy.

Is Synergy regular gas? Regular Synergy™ gasoline

Our regular grade unleaded gasoline was developed to meet the needs of most vehicles in Canada and is our most popular gasoline.

Which fuel is best in NZ? ZX Premium Unleaded. ZX is the premium fuel for Kiwi drivers who want a top quality fuel that helps deliver superior performance. We worked with BASF, one of the world’s leading fuel additive manufacturers and selected ZX’s additive specifically for New Zealand driving conditions.

What are the 3 types of fuel at gas stations? Gas stations in the United States generally offer three octane grades: regular (usually 87 octane), mid-grade (usually 89 octane), and premium (usually 91 or 93). Check the sticker on the pump to know which you are getting.

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Is Synergy Gas top tier?

Go with Exxon and Mobil SynergyTM gasoline – it’s TOP TIER®

Exxon and Mobil SynergyTM gasoline contains significantly higher quantities of detergents than required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has passed key performance tests resulting in it being certified TOP TIER.

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Which gas is better 87 89 or 93?

Regular gas is rated at 87 octane in most states, while premium gas is often rated higher at 91 or 93. Essentially, the higher the octane rating, the lower the likelihood that detonation happens at the wrong time. On occasion, this occurrence will likely not harm your vehicle.

Which gas is better Exxon or BP?

Exxon Mobil and BP are both top global oil companies with similar 10-year performance, similar TTM dividend yields, and similar ESG ratings. By contrast, Exxon Mobil has been consistently more profitable with more consistent increases in dividends and book value than BP.

Can I use high octane fuel in my car?

The higher octane gives premium gas greater resistance to early fuel ignition, which can result in potential damage, sometimes accompanied by audible engine knocking or pinging. But if the vehicle manufacturer says your engine needs only 87-octane regular, that is what you should use.

Is BP better than Caltex?

Close to half (46.7%) rated BP fuel as above average quality and 40.7% of respondents rated Caltex Woolworths fuel as the same. OTR and Coles Express fuel received above average quality ratings by 37.4% and 35.0% of respondents, respectively.

What fuel is best for my car?

Always refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations before filling up at the fuel station, as the type of unleaded fuel you use does matter. In a vehicle that is recommended to use regular unleaded (91) fuel – you can opt for premium 95 or 98 unleaded fuel. This will not cause any harm to your engine.

What happens if you put the wrong gas in your car?

Using lower octane fuel in a vehicle that requires premium gas could cause some serious internal damage. Luckily, the engine computers can adjust the timing to limit the amount of damage caused, but you’ll definitely notice lower fuel economy and reduced performance in your vehicle.

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Does the type of gas really matter?

Yes, it does matter, because some brands contain more detergent additives that can prevent carbon deposits from forming inside your engine. These are the so-called Top Tier brands that use considerably more detergent and/or additives than is required by the EPA.

Does Esso 93 octane contain ethanol?

The first is that you can simply avoid it in the first place. According to Dan McTeague, a noted petroleum analyst, Shell and Esso 91 are both ethanol free. In other words, higher-octane blends — Petro Canada’s 94 and Esso’s 93 — use more ethanol, not less.

Why is Shell gas so expensive?

Most of what makes gas more expensive in the Bay Area is true statewide as well: The price is high because of higher taxes and stricter environmental restrictions. California taxes on gasoline involve a combination of state and local charges: Local sales taxes, which in the Bay Area range up to 2.5%

Is Top Tier gas a myth?

Whether we want to believe it or not, top tier gas is not really a myth. This gas has higher standards that were set out by a group of vehicle makers. It began in 2004 as they wanted to protect their high-end and high-tech engines. The automakers felt that the EPA standards were too weak and they needed more.

Does premium gas give better mileage?

Premium gives better gas mileage

Because premium gas has a higher octane rating than midgrade or regular gas, it produces a little more power when burnt. Designed for performance cars with large, powerful engines, premium also helps minimize the risk of preignition inside highly-stressed, hot engine cylinders.

What happens if you put 93 instead of 87?

If you usually fill your tank up with 87-octane gasoline and you accidentally put in a higher octane blend (say, 91, 92, or 93), don’t worry. You’re actually filling your car or truck with a different blend of gas, which means it will burn differently in your engine.

Can I put 89 gas in my BMW?

Most modern BMWs can run on regular gas, thanks to more electronic components, but this can place stress on parts including electronic knock sensors in your engine. These electronic components allow the engine to detect the type of gas it’s running on and adjust performance accordingly, avoiding damage to your engine.

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Is BP better than Shell?

The forward EV to EBITDA shows that Shell has a multiple of 4.07 while BP has 4.17. Therefore, these numbers show that the two firms are valued almost the same. Still, Shell’s financial performance has been worse than that of BP.

Is Shell gas the best?

According to GasBuddy respondents, however, its overall customer service is middling. Like some rivals, Shell does have a robust rewards program that allows members to earn 5-, 10- or 20 cent-per-gallon discounts through everyday gas station purchases, and it ranked well for outdoor lighting.

Is Shell better than Chevron?

On financial metrics, Chevron looks much better than Shell

And although Chevron has significantly higher FCF per share, it is somewhat offset by Shell’s higher CAPEX. Chevron looks especially good in FCF and EBITDA, meaning it is a much more profitable company than Shell.

Is Costco fuel good quality?

Costco Fuel is just another quality product and paying at the pump allows for a quick and easy refuelling experience for members. Costco say this allows them to maintain low prices. Which payment cards are accepted at Costco Fuel stations? Costco does not accept Motorcharge, Motorpass or any Fleet Cards.

Which gas station has the best quality gas in Canada?


This self-service gas station offers fuel with the highest octane number in Canada, the Ultra 94. The octane number only means that your fuel will burn more efficiently than ever.

Does octane increase horsepower?

We found that the more expensive, higher fuel grades did not add more power. On the contrary, the engine lost 2 to 3 horsepower versus the more affordable 87 octane.

Is BP 98 the best fuel?

98 – This is the highest octane level available; many argue that for some vehicles this is the most fuel efficient.

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