What does above or below grade mean?

What does above or below grade mean? The different levels of the home are often referred to as “Grade Levels.” For example, in most cases, when you walk into a home through the front door, that ground level floor is known as “on grade.” Every floor located above this ground level on grade is considered to be “above grade.” Leaving the basement level to be

What does it mean to be below grade? Below grade in real estate is a term that describes a space that is below ground level – usually referred to as a basement.

What does it mean to be above grade? In construction, the terms ‘above grade’ and ‘below grade’ can be used respectively to describe the portion of a building that is above or below the ground. In tunnelling, the invert of a tunnel may be described as being 25m below grade or ground level.

What does below grade in construction mean? Below-grade construction is construction activity that occurs below ground level to put in place the foundation and systems that support a high-rise building. This includes excavation, temporary shoring, pilings, servicing as required, concrete forming, reinforcing and pouring, and many other tasks.

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What is above fin sqft?

Above Grade Square Feet is the term referring to all living square feet in a home that is above the ground. It does not include basements even if the basement is a finished walkout or daylight basement. In BPOs, only above grade square feet is counted in the living square feet.

What is below grade finished area?

Below-Grade Areas. Finished below-grade SF. Finished Area is an enclosed area in a house that is suitable for year- round use embodying walls, floors, and ceilings that are similar to and consistent with the rest of the house.

What is Sq Ft AGF?

Gross Square Feet is the total area of enclosed space measured to the exterior walls of a building. It’s the total space a facility takes up regardless of whether or not the space is used.

What is considered finished grade?

Finish grade means the final grade of the site after excavating or filling which conforms to the approved final grading plan. The finish grade is also the grade at the top of a paved surface. Grade means the vertical location of the ground surface. Existing grade means the grade prior to grading.

What is the difference between above grade and below grade?

The different levels of the home are often referred to as “Grade Levels.” For example, in most cases, when you walk into a home through the front door, that ground level floor is known as “on grade.” Every floor located above this ground level on grade is considered to be “above grade.” Leaving the basement level to be

What is below grade drainage?

Drainage board is a dimpled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) board that keeps foundations and flooring dry. This product creates a waterproof vapour barrier and an air space, which allows concrete to breathe while controlling moisture.

What is a room below ground level called?

A basement is a room that’s below ground level, underneath the first floor.

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What is above grade room count?

The above-grade finished square footage of a house is the sum of finished areas on levels that are entirely above grade. Garages and unfinished areas cannot be included in the calculation of finished square footage.

What does Atfls mean?

Two years ago, the Columbus Board of Realtors sought to remedy the problem by introducing a new shorthand into its listings: ATFLS, which stands for Approximate Total Finished Living Space.

How does Zillow calculate square footage?

Multiply the rectangle’s length by its width to get the area in square feet.

What does below grade sq ft mean?

Below Grade Square Footage should include only areas that are finished in a style similar to the rest of the property and is below grade. A walk-through bedroom (a room off another bedroom with no other access) can be included in square footage fields but not counted as a bedroom. 9.

What is below grade square footage worth?

The Appraiser does give credit for below grade space, but at a lower value and with an eye on quality and functionality. The appraised value of finished basement space is generally 50% to 60% of the value of the main level square footage.

What is a below grade wall?

Definition. A geometric construct that describes the dimensions and placement of walls located below grade. Below grade walls have soil or crushed rock on one side and interior space on the other side.

Are stairs included in gross floor area?

Gross Floor Area is not used for lease agreements. The floor area within the inside perimeter of the exterior walls of the building under consideration, exclusive of vent shafts and courts, without deduction for corridors, stairways, ramps, closets, the thickness of interior walls, columns or other features.

Is balcony included in gross floor area?

BALCONY AREA: Total area of an open or covered platform attached to an upper floor of a building, projecting from or recessed into the face of the wall and protected by railing or balustrade; accessible from an adjacent room. The sum of areas 1 and 2 equal the gross floor area of a building.

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Are walls counted in square footage?

The standard practice calls for measuring square footage from your exterior walls, as opposed to measuring the actual interior dimensions of each room. This includes each wall as part of your square footage, although it obviously isn’t usable space.

What is rough grade?

Rough grading is the shaping of the construction site. A grading expert levels the ground to create a specific slope to set a solid foundation. The benefit of rough grading is to provide good drainage and prevent future damage. This is usually done with a laser and includes adding, removing, or relocation of topsoil.

What is concrete slab on grade?

A slab-on-grade is a type of shallow foundation in which a concrete slab rests directly on the ground below it. A slab-on-grade foundation usually consists of a thin layer of concrete across the entire area of the foundation with thickened footings at the edges or below load bearing walls in the middle of the building.

What is a grade floor in school?

Thorsland’s team is considering using “floor grades,” meaning teachers can’t give a student below a certain grade, even if the student does little to no work.

Do bedrooms below grade count?

Your local county assessor’s office determines how your basement is appraised. Instead, the basement’s value is accounted for separately as a line item in a section titled “Basement & Finished Rooms Below Grade.” Finished basement bedrooms usually appraise for between 50% and 70% of the above-ground value.

Do French drains cause mold?

They can result in mold, odors, and damage to stored personal belongings. They can affect property value and make sale of a property difficult. In a single word, wet basements are “yucky!” Click Here to Download a PDF Copy of the French Drain Article as Published.

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