Is all day event Salesforce?

Is all day event Salesforce? For an all-day Event created in Salesforce or Google/Outlook calendar having bi-directional sync, an all-day Event will be created on the counterpart system; however, upon full synchronization, the event in Salesforce will become a 24-hour event.

How do I enable events in Salesforce? From Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Enable Multiday Events. Allow recurring events or event series. In Salesforce Classic, from Setup, enter Activity Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Enable Creation of Recurring Events.

What is Event Log in Salesforce? The Salesforce Event Log File (ELF) Browser is a Salesforce-connected web app that allows quick access to event log files. With the ELF Browser, you can easily find and download events from various time periods without a line of code.

What is event monitoring Salesforce? Event Monitoring is one of many tools that Salesforce provides to help keep your data secure. It lets you see the granular details of user activity in your organization. We refer to these user activities as events.

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How long do you wear an event monitor?

You can carry or wear a cardiac event monitor up to 30 days. You carry the device in your hand, wear on your wrist, or keep it in your pocket. Event monitors can be worn for weeks or until symptoms occur. There are several types of cardiac event monitors.

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How do I check event monitoring in Salesforce?

Activate Event Monitoring

Contact your Salesforce sales representative or Account Executive to purchase the Event Monitoring add-on to access all event types in the EventLogFile, the LoginEvent object, Transaction Security, and the Event Monitoring Analytics App.

What is Event Monitoring Analytics app?

The Event Monitoring Analytics App integrates with event monitoring and setup audit trail data to give you insights into your user and org behavior. The app is a built-in way to explore your monitoring data in Salesforce.

How do I view Salesforce logs?

To view the debug logs, from the setup option in Salesforce, enter ‘Debug Logs’ in the ‘Quick Find box’, then select ‘Debug Logs’. Once you select the Debug Logs, click the ‘View’ button to examine the log. Click ‘Download’ to download the logs as an XML file.

Which exception Cannot be caught?

Some special types of built-in exceptions can’t be caught. One such exception is the limit exception ( System.

What are event monitors?

An event monitor is a portable device used to record your heart’s electrical activity when you have symptoms. It records the same information as an electrocardiogram (ECG), but for longer durations of time. Most of these devices can transmit the recorded information directly to your healthcare provider.

Is Salesforce data encrypted at rest?

Encrypt data at rest. The Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption solution encrypts data at rest when stored on our servers, in the database, in search index files, and the file system. To encrypt data at rest and preserve functionality, we built the encryption services natively into the Salesforce Platform.

What is field audit trail Salesforce?

Field Audit Trail lets you define a policy to retain archived field history data up to 10 years from the time the data was archived. This feature helps you comply with industry regulations related to audit capability and data retention.

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Can I shower with an event monitor?

Don’t bathe, shower or swim while wearing the monitor. Stay away from high-voltage areas, metal detectors or large magnets. The technician will show you how to keep a diary of your activities and symptoms during the test.

What can you not do while wearing a heart monitor?

What You Can’t Do. Avoid swimming, bathing, and strenuous exercise that may cause you to sweat heavily. Instead of showering, you can use wet wipes or soapy washcloths to clean your body. However, be careful not to get the monitor, leads, or electrodes wet while using wipes or washcloths.

Do cell phones interfere with Holter monitors?

These include, but are not limited to: Close proximity to magnets, metal detectors, high-voltage electrical wires, and electrical appliances such as shavers, toothbrushes, and microwave ovens. Cell phones and MP3 players can also interfere with the signals and should be kept at least 6 inches away from the monitor box.

What is Einstein Analytics in Salesforce?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is the cloud-based analytical tool that allows Salesforce users to understand, aggregate, and visualize data coming from different locations, such as Salesforce, ERPs, data warehouses, and log files.

What is the benefit of using a script to download your event log files?

If you need a more programmatic way of downloading your organization’s event log files, you can use Python scripts. One advantage of using a Python script over a cURL script is that it’s easier for Windows users to work with, but it’s also suitable for Mac and Linux users.

What is Salesforce shield?

Salesforce Shield is a trio of security tools that helps admins and developers build extra levels of trust, compliance, and governance right into business-critical apps. It includes Shield Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail.

Where is event log file location?

The event logs are located in Windows or WINNT directory under %WinDir%system32config. These files end in . evt, but we have seen them with different capitalization schemes (.

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How do I view email logs in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Email Log Files in the Quick Find box, then select Email Log Files. Click Request an Email Log. Optionally, you can filter an email log to only include rows where a specific domain name or email address appears in a field, such as a Recipient or Message ID Header.

How do I track changes in Salesforce?

Setup Audit Trail tracks the recent setup changes that you and other admins make. Audit history is especially useful when there are multiple admins. To view the audit history, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter View Setup Audit Trail , then select View Setup Audit Trail.

How do I throw an exception in Salesforce?

You can’t throw built-in Apex exceptions. You can only catch them. But with custom exceptions, you can throw and catch them in your methods. Custom exceptions enable you to specify detailed error messages and have more custom error handling in your catch blocks.

What is try catch block in Salesforce?

Try catch code blocks can be used to handle exceptions that may occur in the code. There are three statements that can be used try, catch and finally. The try statement identifies the block of code that an exception may occur in.

Can you shower with a 2 week heart monitor?

Don’t swim or bathe for the entire time you’re wearing your Holter monitor. However, if you have a wireless Holter monitor, you’ll be shown how to disconnect and reconnect the sensors and the monitor so that you can shower or bathe. Holter monitors aren’t usually affected by other electrical appliances.

How do I know if TLS 1.2 is enabled in Salesforce?

To check if your browser can handle TLS v1. 1 and v1. 2, select to open the SSL/TLS Capabilities of Your Browser web page. Once the page completes the test, scroll down to the Protocol Features section.

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